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Who Is Maliachi Broadwater

Maliachi Broadwater

Maliachi Broadwater is the founder and CEO of Elite Group LA. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and an alumnus of Howard University where he pursued a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Maliachi is currently Los Angeles based, but internationally known, and has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Since his inception, he has expanded into new frontiers that have allowed him the opportunity to excel as an entrepreneur, actor, model, musician, creative director, and VIP socialite. Throughout his journey, he has worked with a multitude of celebrities and brands.

Maliachi established Elite Group LA, to provide talent management services to celebrities, models, influencers, entertainers, and athletes. Elite Group LA, is also dedicated to providing luxury concierge and public relations services to interested clients. Maliachi Broadwater is inspired by the belief that all creatives have the potential to be greater with the proper coaching, managing, and molding ultimately becoming the best version of themselves and their brand.

As a model, Maliachi Broadwater has appeared in commercials and look books for a variety of entities such as Versace, Pink Dolphin, Angel Brinks, Givenchy, and many more. Maliachi has been a feature and has placed a variety of models at New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.. Through these experiences, Maliachi values the power of networking, patience, and the importance of being surrounded by a good team of trustworthy, loyal, and dedicated people.

Maliachi Broadwater considers himself to be a new-generational actor and has worked with several major networks such as E Entertainment, Netflix, VH1, PBS, MTV, Delish and many more. He has made appearances on a number of shows including Dating No Filter, Next In Fashion, Basketball Wives, Love And Hip Hop, Sisterhood and Hip Hop, the Friday Zone, and Date My Play.

There is no better way to exercise his creative muscle than composing music. As a musician he’s released multiple charting songs and participated in the production of his own music video titled Dreaded Up and Swaggin which was featured on MTV. His performance was enough reason to be called upon by other entertainers for collaborations. Maliachi Broadwater has had cameos in music videos such as Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga, Be Careful by Cardi B, Body Moves by Joe Jonas, 4oki by Steve Aoki, Luck by Dreezy and Curve by The Weeknd and Gucci Mane. Maliachi has been blessed to liaise with the geniuses of Tyler The Creator and Kanye West on creative pieces. Maliachi Broadwater’s love for music and visuals led to him having the opportunity to cast videos for Tyga, Kid Ink, Drake, Future and Young Thug.

Maliachi Broadwater has provided luxury concierge personalized services to prominent figures such as Drake, Future, Luka Sahbat, Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. He is often requested as a tour assistant, event organizer for dinners and private parties, and a liaison for influencers, nightlife, and brand placement ventures. As a socialite, Maliachi Broadwater has dedicated lists for exclusive events such as the Grammys, Michael Jordan’s all-star NBA event, Coachella VIP events organized for Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, and private events with Lebron James and Dan Bilzerian. His endeavors remind him of the importance of integrity, privacy, and principle. This is a premise that Maliachi uses to continuously network with new people and grow new contacts that inevitably contribute towards the growth of his business for his clients.

Elite Group LA will soon be expanding its territories to new frontiers across the country, and eventually the world. Maliachi Broadwater plans to utilize his clientele network to venture into dynamic and growing market fronts. Maliachi envisions using technological platforms to help Elite Group LA clients connect with services other trendsetters in the entertainment industry. This is just the beginning.

We tailor our support tools and resources to compliment our talented clients.

Our team of experienced professionals will schedule, book and negotiate contracts to secure favorable benefits, payments and future projects. We maintain all communication channels with our clients with a particular focus on transparency. Elite Group engages all its clients to establish their interests, expectations and career objectives, and uses this insight to develop a resolute plan that will lead to their success.

Our Services


We've been providing the entertainment industry with actors for more than 10 years. Our casting roles require us to get in touch with clients from different demographics across the country. Through our expansive network of casting agencies, we liaise with these individuals and prepare them for films, print modeling, and influencing. We also help our clients tailor their brands and projects to fit potential casting roles in the future.

Our roster of clients includes award-winning actors, producers, directors and production talent in new media, television, content, and stage. We know the importance of pitching a good resume for a potential gig, and our team of dedicated personnel assists interested clients to develop a comprehensive portfolio that stands out. Elite Group LA gives clients the confidence to walk into any casting room and deliver excellence.


A large part of career development for any creative is how they manage their talent. Elite Group LA understands this premise, which is why we offer management services to our clients. We provide custom packages to talent who want to affiliate themselves with us. Eventually, we strive to connect them and collborate with reputable consultants and managers in the entertainment industry.

We can manage your brand, projects and social media platforms. We will tailor messaging based on your interests and preferences. Elite Group LA has a dedicated staff that is committed to understanding your needs as a creative. We work with you throughout the management process, constantly updating you about trending aspects that can affect your career growth and advise you on the best strategy to actualize success.


We connect our clients with people who share similar professional perspectives. We believe in the power of collaboration. It's an effective way of getting better results in any life endeavor. At Elite Group LA, you will connect with people that will share new knowledge and skills. This is why we give everyone the option to work and collaborate with other clients who they believe fit within their professional niche.

We initiate conversations and brainstorming sessions, to enable our clients to make sense of their immediate and future career goals. Additionally, we pitch ideas about social media collaborations and make it work for interested individuals. Elite Group LA also does pitch decks for clients who want to stand out and attract potential collaboration partners. Based on your preference, we will help you come up with basic website and portfolio content that will foster better collaboration opportunities.

Public Relations

We cannot change reality, but we can change the eyes which see reality. This is our perspective on public relations. At Elite Group LA, we understand that a good story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad. We help our clients tell their story to the world, and decipher the responses we get to perfect their competencies.

Elite Group LA has dedicated publicists that manage all forms of communication for clients. They also organize industry events, meetings, dinners, and studio sessions. Our public relations team will research and get insights on how to broker relationships with prominent people in the entertainment industry. We also get publications to post our cleints on their social media channels to increase their overall web presence, which boosts their reputation in their professional fields.

Luxury Concierge

Do you want access to elite nightlife events in L.A? Elite Group LA is your answer. We connect clients with concierge services, and broker services on their behalf. We have access to luxury cars, yachts and homes, all of which are exclusively available to our clients. We also organize parties for distinguished celebrities while fostering direct relationships between them and venue owners.

Reach out to a representative from Elite Group LA to plan for your next getaway in this majestic city. We facalitate table and bottle service as well as help you to identify the best clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Elite Group LA will get you access to special events and help you live life like a superstar, affordably and withing your own means.

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